FAQs for Coaches

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions are listed below.  

If you have a query not covered by the list below please contactHowden by email or call 0121 698 8142.

As a coach, where does my insurance cover me?

You are covered for any coaching/training of ice skating disciplines that are authorised by NISA and advised to the Insurers including but not limited to:

Singles, Pairs, Dance and Synchronised Skating & Short Track and Long Track Skating disciplines and NISA Approved Off Ice Training.

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What is Combined Liability insurance?

Combined Liability Insurance provides for legal liability following negligence, nuisance or trespass. Unlike other liability insurances, it not only covers Public Liability, but also includes cover for the following, which are excluded from other providers standard covers:

Products Liability - accidental bodily injury to third parties and / or damage to third party property arising out of declared NISA activities or goods sold or supplied. This cover includes  including

  • Defamation – in regards to libel & slander
  • Professional Indemnity - injury following coaching/instruction, including incidental advice

Legal Defence Costs - defence of criminal proceedings brought, or in appeal against a conviction arising from such proceedings relating to an offence alleged to have been committed in the course of the business in respect of a breach of Health and Safety at Work Act or Part II of the Consumer Protection Act.

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Is damage to my own equipment covered?

Not under the liability insurance, as you can't claim for damage to your own property.

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Does the policy cover non UK residents?

Insurance cover is only available to coaches who have a permanent UK address. Such members are covered for their liabilities in terms of recognised activities in both the UK and overseas, provided that any overseas trip is officially recognised/authorised by NISA.

Any coach permanently living abroad is not covered.

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What significant exclusions or limitations apply?

  • Deliberate, dishonest or foreseeable acts
  • Abuse - the person accused of abuse / alleged to be the abuser
  • Claims arising from loss that happened prior to the retroactive date stated in the schedule, which would be the date that your continuous membership first commenced
  • Incidents / claims known to you but not reported to the insurers immediately
  • Risks that require more specific insurance, i.e. motor, marine
  • Injury to any person employed (including volunteers)
  • Loss of, or damage to, property in your custody or control
  • Fines, penalties or punitive damages
  • Medical negligence

Please refer to the policy wording for a full list of the exclusions.

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What is the age limit?

There is no age limit for liability claims. However, the Personal Accident cover is restricted to coaches between the ages of 16 - 80.

Cover is restricted for over-70's, reducing the benefit for broken bones by 50%.

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Does my cover include any Legal Expenses?

Yes, but only for legal expenses for defence of actions againt you alleging physical or sexual abuse.

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Are there any policy excesses?

There are no excesses.

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If I am injured, can I claim from the policy?

All members of NISA resident in the UK are covered under the Personal Accident policy for accidents or injuries occuring whilst participating in any authorised and/or recognised activity.

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What should I do if an incident occurs whilst I am coaching?

If someone is injured or their property is damaged whilst you are coaching you should report the details to Howden and NISA as soon as possible.

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